#97 | Kevin Stokes - Swinging Maces & Making Music

Kevin stokes is a musician playing in the band, Danger Seekers.

Kevin tirelessly works away at swinging heavy maces, playing with movement, developing strength and mobility. Kevin and I talk about his career as a musician, his strength and conditioning routine and how these experiences have affected his general life. You can checkout kevin stokes on instagram (@kevin79stokes & @kevinstokesmusic). Checkout his recent album Still So Young by the Danger Seekers

#94 | Alberto of Junction Girevoy - An Athlete At Play

Alberto is an athlete performing incredible feats of strength, mobility, and control from performing a barbell snatch with only his middle fingers hooking the bar, jumping over large blocks while swinging a gada mace behind his back or walking on a slackline while juggling a 16kg kettlebell in the air. Alberto and I discuss his strength and conditioning regiment, the concept of play and how to engage ourselves in our training. Check him out on instagram (@junctiongirevoysport)

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